Weco Available in Carbondale, CO

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RJ Paddywacks Pet Outfitter is proud to carry Weco in Carbondale, Colorado. Every aquarium and pond owner has been faced with green water or algae, which means there has always been a need for an algicide to make the job of keeping a fish tank easier. Weco's very own Algicide is the only brand able to carry this name because Weco was the first to file and receive protection for this product way back when.aWhen a need arose to neutralize chlorine and chloramine from municipal water, Weco was at the forefront over 65 years ago.


  • Accessories
  • Conditioners & Medication
  • Nets
  • Ornaments - South Pacific Coral
  • Ornaments - Wecorama
  • Water Clarifiers
  • Wonder Plants

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